Melissa- 11th April 2021

“Firstly I want to thank you for such an amazing experience with your reading. This was my first experience regarding scheduling a reading to connect with the Spirit world. Not only the Spirit world but with my baby Daughter. It’s been a very, incredibly difficult journey since her passing. The main reason for seeking a reading was with the hope of connecting with my Daughter & to know that she is at peace. I went into your reading with no expectation and with an open mind. However I was absolutely blown away. I’m still processing everything days later. You amazed me by talking about the number 3 & it’s significance with my Daughters illness (the third chromosome) & you described her passing  by discussing laboured breathing. You then asked me about her hair, her prints & a photo of her hand holding. I was absolutely blown away as her hair, her footprints & a photo of her holding her Dads finger was by my side (which you could not see via our Skype call). You asked about my plans of getting her hair placed into a necklace, which we are in the process of doing. You talked about her blanket, I have her blanket that she passed wrapped up in & which I smell because I can still smell her on the blanket. You asked about the teddy that was placed into her little white coffin & the momentous that we got her at Christmastime. It was just the most incredible experience to know that my baby girl is always with me. Throughout our meeting you told me that she said “I am loved, I love my Mommy, I will always be my Mommy’s Angel” & you validated how we as a family keep her Spirit alive with including her in our family occasions, bedtime, talk to her etc. But, what I have taken most from your reading is the immense sense of healing. Since her passing I have worried about her thinking is she at peace? Could I have advocated for more medical interventions to keep her alive in the physical world and you let me know that she is very much at peace and the day she passed away was the day she was meant to leave this physical world. This sense of inner healing & peace in my grieving journey means absolutely everything. I feel a huge weight of heaviness has been lifted since our call. I thank you & definitely look forward to connecting again”