Group Bookings


If you would like to host a group booking in your own home or business premises it’s important that the correct conditions for Clare to work are made available.

They are for four persons only, no more and no less please. Each of you has a half an hour private reading, therefore a quiet room away from the group (not next to the group) with a table and two chairs is required. To gain the most out of the evening we suggest having a mix of people and not everyone from the same family, bearing in mind that Clare does not read parents/children on the same day. It’s important that Clare is always respectful when she is working for the Spirit World so it is politely requested that no alcohol be consumed prior to your reading.  Should Clare arrive and the correct conditions are not available then she has the right to respectfully leave the property.

For clients that are 10 miles or further away from Clare’s home there is a set travel charge of £20.00 which is then split between the four of you (£5.00 each).

Once Clare has received your £40.00 deposit your booking will be confirmed.  This will be deducted from the final payment on the night.  When you book a group booking you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions.

Recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Please see the cancellation and refund page for Clare’s terms and conditions.

Prices for group bookings:

£50.00 each

To pay your non refundable £40.00 deposit securely by PayPal please click on the following: