Prices & How to Book



As a natural Medium Clare does not use any tools such as cards nor does she need to hold an object when she reads but she does ask that you be open to receiving the information from those that love you in the Spirit World.  It is not Clare’s job as a Medium to tell you what you want to hear but it is her job to tell you what Spirit want you to hear.  That being said Clare has no control over who does or doesn’t come through from the Spirit World or what guidance is given as Clare has learnt over the years that Spirit are always in charge. However, what is said in a reading will always be for your greater good.

Clare does not read parents/children on the same day.  The reason being is the energies are similar and the readings can sometimes overlap.  Reading you on separate days is fine.

Recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Please note Clare is no longer able to hold appointments. All readings are payable in advance, either by PayPal or online banking and are strictly on a first come, first served basis.  Appointments are only confirmed once full payment has been received and have been confirmed by Clare. 

All appointments are in GMT (UK time zone).

When clients make a booking they are confirming they have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions.


Clare’s clients book & pay for their readings in advance & because of this Clare hardly ever gets cancellations. Clare’s waiting list for cancelled appointments is now closed. If Clare does get a cancellation the appointment will be made available on Clare’s Facebook page so those who support Clare can have the first opportunity of booking.


If you wish to make a booking using PayPal please use the below booking system to book your:

  • Half hour Face to Face Reading 
  • Half hour Phone Reading 
  • Half hour Skype Video Reading
  • Half hour Facebook Messenger Video Reading

If you do not have PayPal the online banking details are available upon request.