About Clare


Clare was born in Luton.  When she was three the family decided to move to Essex.  It was around this time that Clare first started to become aware of Spirit.  She would often see people that nobody else could, tell her parents things about the family that she couldn’t know and she would also know when certain things were about to happen. Also, when she entered a room TVs’ would turn on or off and so would lights too which could have been quite scary for Clare’s parents but luckily Clare’s Mum recognised these abilities in her child, even at such a young age, as Clare’s Great Grandmother and Great, Great Grandmother were both professional Mediums in Luton and had London’s West End stage performers amongst their many clients.

Clare is a natural Medium and her Mediumistic abilities are part of her very essence.  She is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient which means that she can see, hear and sense Spirit and she also has a powerful psychic ability too.  As Clare says, every day, she works with “real, live, dead people!” Over the years her Mediumship has developed and grown whilst working closely with her guide and friend Nanao.  After all, who better to teach Clare on how to work and communicate with Spirits than an actual Spirit.  Nanao himself is a very large Zulu gentleman and he and Clare have developed such a deep bond and friendship that he actually saved Clare’s life.

Clare’s reputation has grown and grown by recommendations from word of mouth.  She now has private 121 clients from all over Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and London.  Her phone and Skype clients come from all over the UK and also over seas including Greece, Spain, Holland, Italy, Germany, India, Brunei, America and Canada.  With her unique sense of humour Clare has the ability to work with clients from all different walks of life and her client base is expanding all the time.

The accuracy of Clare’s messages is outstanding and brings much love and comfort to her clients direct from their loved ones in the Spirit World, hopefully giving them enough information to prove the continuation of life after life.  Clare is also able to advise her clients on various situations that are going on in their lives but please remember this is advice only, everybody still has free will.

If you would like to listen to Clare talking about her Mediumship for the American radio show “We don’t die” hosted by Sandra Champlain please click below: