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Welcome to the the website of Essex Medium Clare Denton. Here you will learn all about Clare and her Mediumship, find out the prices for the services Clare offers and also book your own appointments.  You can read feedback from some of Clare’s clients to see what they say after having had a reading with Clare and you can also use the below link to follow Clare on Facebook.

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2 hours ago

Clare Denton - Psychic Medium

Hello everyone,

I’ve had some lovely new clients today & Spirit were amazing, bless them. There’s been beautiful communication from Dads, Mums a Sister & a Husband. All proving the continuation of life after life by giving details I couldn’t possibly know.

When I think of all the people in this world that I’ve helped & all the Spirit people that I’ve helped I’m really proud of the work that Nanao & I do. Even though the life of a Medium can be difficult sometimes.

I have just six available appointments left for March 2020. They can be booked here:


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1 day ago

Clare Denton - Psychic Medium


Hello Facebook Family,

Sadly we hear that another person has decided to end their physical life with the tragic passing of Caroline Flack at just 40 years old.

Scarily this is getting all too common. In the Western World the biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide. How can this be? What is the reason that people with mental health issues would rather take this course of action than talk about how they feel? Aren’t they getting medical intervention early enough? Of course, to do this they would first need to visit a doctor & there’s the first problem.

Thankfully, I’ve never suffered with depression or had any problems with my mental health but someone close to me did & sadly their depression did end by them taking their own life. If someone is so mentally unwell that they can’t even get out of bed can we really expect these souls to arrange a doctors appointment, get up, get ready, travel there & start talking about how they feel & their deepest, darkest fears. If someone had just lost a leg you wouldn’t expect them to get their own way to a doctors would you? But how do we fix this problem? To find a solution to something we at first must know the cause but how do you get someone to open up who is struggling? We live in a world where on social media everyone is living their best life & everything is perfect. Of course the level headed ones amongst us know this is total rubbish but if you’re feeling vulnerable & are struggling are you really able to put things into perspective & not continually compare your life to unachievable, fake & fabricated lives on social media? What is the answer to this ever growing epidemic?

I have lots of clients who unfortunately have lost loved ones to suicide. These readings are always so very hard. I have never had a Spirit person come through who ended their physical life & was unhappy but that cannot be said for their loved ones sitting opposite me who are left behind. These people are broken. It might not make sense but I think some people don’t realise how final suicide is.

If you are reading this & you have mental health issues & feel that you are struggling there are people in this world to help you. If you don’t want to talk to a friend or family member here is a link to the Samaritans:


I promise you that no matter how hard you think it is to talk about your problems it will be 100% harder for your loved ones to pick up their lives if you were no longer in this world.


Always remember that my Facebook Family. With much love to all of you reading this.

Clare & Nanao X💗X
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Hello everyone........next available appointment: Tuesday 17th March @ 3.30pm - can be booked on my website or contact 07702 553679 X💗X ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Clare Denton - Psychic Medium

Wishing all of you a happy Valentines Day. I’ve been very spoilt already. I know many of you have your loved one in Heaven so it’s important to remember that not even “death” can change the bonds of love that you shared. Think of them & they’ll be with you today & always X❤️X ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Clare Denton - Psychic Medium

Hello Facebook Family,

Already this week I’ve had some lovely new clients who have never had readings with me before. Two of them have taken the time to leave me their feedback following their readings, I really appreciate this ladies, thank you so much for doing this 💜

I’d also like to thank all of you who support the work that Nanao & I do & recommend us to your friends & family. I only have my website & Facebook page, I don’t advertise anywhere so all of my work comes from word of mouth. Thank you everyone! 🥰

FYI - two thirds of my March appointments have gone already. So if you’d like to have a reading you’d better get in quick! 😳

Wishing all of you a wonderful day.

Love Clare & Nanao X💗X
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